Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Day 106

Sunny. High around 85 degrees, no rain.

Today's Hike:
Alec Kennedy Shelter to Camping – 17.0 miles

Today's hike was a beautiful unexpected change from our usual walk in the woods. About four miles after leaving the shelter we were walking through the cute northern town of Boiling Springs, PA. Amazing! The Springs is right in the center of town, and reminded is both of Florida's crystal clear blue springs. In addition, there was an ATC office that we temporarily invaded and relaxed for a few hours.

Muster was having a shoe emergency, and was in desperate need of a new pair of hiking shoes (again). We both bought new shoes in Harpers Ferry, however, her Asolo shoes were literally tearing her feet up. Her feet had gotten so bad that she had hiked about 40 miles in her Crocs. So, upon invading the comfort of the ATC office we inquired about local shoe stores and outfitters. Not only did they provide us with the information, but the leader of the trail maintenance crew for this section brought her to Dick's Sporting Goods and brought her back to the office all of which took about an hour our of his day. Incredible. When Muster returned with her new shoes we headed over to the local Italian restaurant for a hot lunch then headed back to the ATC office to pick up our gear.

We finally departed at 3:00pm and still had 14 miles left to hike. The trail took us through small towns and agriculture fields throughout most of the day, which was a nice change from our usual hike. Despite how flat the trail was, the day lingered on forever. At 6:30pm we were still hiking and had at least 5 miles left to hike. We finally pulled into camp at 9:00pm, completely exhausted.

Tonight we’re with the Packadivas and the Georgia Girls at a stealth site next to an old abandoned car. Gotta love the wilderness.

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