Thursday, April 30, 2009

Day 60

Sunny and breezy, high around 78 degrees. No rain.

Today's Hike:
Spring Fed Pond to Jenkins Shelter - 11.8 miles

It was an iPod Day. iPod days are days that you hike, but you don't want to hike so to get through it you plug into your iPod, find your happy tunes and find your inner motivation. I was tired. About 75% of the day was downhill, so by 3pm, my knees were done. We were supposed to hike 16.6 miles. When I met up with Muster at Jenkins Shelter at 5pm with the Packadivas she asked me where we were setting up the tent. That was the best music I had heard all day, and I didn't even want to question the other 5 miles we were suppose to do.

I threw down the tent were I wanted to have it set up and made my way to the privy. I passed Egg on my way and she informed me that the thrown was now available. As I turned the corner of the trail I saw what she meant, the privy was completely open. Awesome. Now I could do my personal business with a wonderful view!

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