Thursday, July 9, 2009

Day 130

Overcast, no rain.

Today's Hike:
Graymoor Center to Fahnestock State Park - 11.8 miles

Today was Grommet's birthday so to start the day off properly when all the ladies (Rocket, Storm, Muster, Nutmeg, Billy Hoot, and myself) surrounded Grommets tent at 7:30am and allowed her to be awaken to the sounds of us serenading happy birthday to her. Afterwards we presented her with her first round of birthday presents; water-guns and candy, every girls 28th birthday wish.

After the birthday morning festivities ended we packed our stuff and took a few moments to explore the Greymoore Spiritual Life Center. I had heard that the grounds were beautiful, and the rumors were true. The prayer garden was in full bloom, and some of the statues were really neat. We spent some time in the bookstore, but quickly decided not to add additional weight to our packs. By 10:00am we were back at the pavillion to grab our packs and started heading north for the day.

Today's destination was the Fahnesstock State Park where we could take hot showers, tent for free, and begin round two of Grommets birthday festivities. Billy Hoot and Nutmeg got a ride into town and picked up a black forest birthday cake and drinks. Meanwhile, the rest of us prepared the rest of the presents.

Grommet had mentioned weeks ago that we needed walkie-talkies so that they always knew were Muster and I were throughout the day. When we went into Harriman a few days earlier Muster picked up a set in Wally World and managed to keep it a secret until today. Grommet was totally thrilled. It didn't take long for her and Muster to scatter themselves throughout the campground to start "testing" out the walkie-talkie abilities. It was a late night filled with huge bonfire, cake, and other goodies.

We went to bed past hiker midnight (10:30pm), and slept well through the night.

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