Monday, July 6, 2009

Day 127

Sunny. Low in lower 60's. High upper 70's.

Today's Hike:
Wildcat Shelter to NY17 - 9.7 miles

I woke up today ready to hike. For the first time in awhile it looked like there was going to be good hiking weather. The five of us headed out of camp by 8:20a, but it wasn't long before the girls motivation began to dissipate. It took nearly 8 hours to hike 9.7 miles, in part because the terrain is getting much tougher and in part of the resistance to push forward. Sunbathing on the rocks was much more appealing and relaxing then climbing over them.

By noon the idea of going into Harriman was being tossed around. There were restaurants and a Wal-Mart there; the only two things that seemed to be of any motivation to the rest of the girls; especially Rocket and Storm. I was a little frustrated since I felt like I was the only one who really wanted to hike, but at the same time I was part of a larger group that didn’t feel the same way. My desire to stay with them was much stronger then the desire to much forward alone. When it became evident that we were going into town and the girls really didn’t want to hike at all anymore, I suggested getting a hotel in town. The idea was appealing to them so by they were a little more motivated to hike our last 4 miles to the road.

Our first stop was at Chili's for wonderful food and margaritas, then it was over to Wally world to resupply for the next 4.5 days. By 8pm we were headed toward the Budget Inn, and 30 minutes later a round of hot showers was in action. While the girls were taking showers Muster has suggested that it may be a good idea to take it easy for the next few days to help rebuild motivation. In response, I drafted a tentative hiking plan that required us to hike 10-12 miles/day; way short of the 17-20 miles/day that were feasible. The girls liked the plan and seemed pleased with the idea of taking it easy over the next few days. I guess we’ll see how it plays out.

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