Friday, June 5, 2009

Day 96


Today's Hike:
Blackburn Center to Harper's Ferry, WV - 12.4 miles

Today is a town day; Muster and I are going into Harpers Ferry to resupply & pick up some mail drops. I have a love/hate relationship with town days. I love town days because it means that

1. I get to take a hot shower (hopefully several),
2. I get to eat real food (defined as any food that we do not have to
carry, cook, and/or clean up afterwards),
3. We get to wash our clothes (even though the stench never seems to
go away),
4. I get to talk to family & friends, &
5. I get to sleep on clean sheets on a real bed (most of the time).

I hate town days because

1. There is little time for rest since you spend most of your time doing
"town chores",
2. I resupply which means my pack is going to be really, really heavy
when I put it back on,
3. Taking time away from the trail always breaks my hiking rhythm
making it hard to find my groove again, &
4. It's expensive.

Both Muster and I are taking Saturday completely off, but all our friends are flooding into Harpers this weekend and they won't be getting back on the trail until Monday. So, we're going to try to find a way to stay another night (our hotel is way to expensive) so we can all hike out together on Monday.

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