Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Day 86

Rain throughout the day.

Today’s Hike:
Waynesboro, VA – 0.0 miles

When prepping for the AT it is inevitable that you will come across materials and forum conversations stating that Virginia is flat. As a result, you should be able to hike 20 miles/day easy. Approximately 540 miles of the AT traverses through Virginia, of which I have hiked 460 miles. At this point I can confidently state that saying "Virginia is flat" is as accurate as saying Martha Stewart is a model American Woman, George Bush is a great President, or O.J. Simpson is innocent, all of which of which is complete bologna. You don't hike 20 miles/day in Virginia because it's flat. You hike 20 miles/day because your previously typical lazy American self has climbed up and down 800 miles of rough, mountain terrain and is now in shape; allowing you to hike faster and farther then you could when you started. Virginia has had some of the steepest ascents and descents since I've started my Northbound hike. Make no mistake, Virginia is not flat!

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  1. hey guys im reading your blog and im so jealous... sounds like an adventure of a lifetime.