Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Day 62 - Day 65

Rain, everyday

I have just spent 4 wonderful, relaxing days with Muster's family in West Virginia doing almost absolutely nothing but eating wonderful home cooked meals, fresh fruit, and fresh veggies, and spent time with Timmy, Bev, Mary, Doug, and Sheena.

On Monday we did take a field trip outside of the house when Timmy took us to the Coal Mining Exhibition in Beckley. It's one of the only places that you can take an interpreted ride under ground in an old coal mine; very interesting. The exhibition also houses old homes and a school house so we could see how coal miners and their families use to live.

We spent most of Tuesday getting ready to get back on the trail: getting food organized, getting a schedule together for the next two weeks, showering....over and over :), and mentally preparing to be hiking in rain for the next several days. It's been raining here and on the trail since Friday, and the forecast is predicting rain for another five days... Ugh! At least we missed four days of it.

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