Saturday, April 25, 2009

Day 55

Sunny in the morning, afternoon thunderstorms.

Today’s Hike:
Old Orchard Shelter to Campsite - 18.9 miles

Today was a shower day. Muster and I hiked about 10 miles into Hurricane Lake Campground (.5 miles off the trail) to eat lunch and take a shower. Despite having to put back on dirty clothes, it felt good to be clean. We hung around the campground until around 2:30 to allow some of the heat of the day to pass. When we got going again I could hear a thunderstorm rolling in in the distance. It rained on us for about an hour then passed. We reached Trimpi shelter around 5pm. The next day we would be passing Partnership Shelter, the one of the only shelters on the trail that you could get pizza delivered. We wanted to try to reach the shelter around lunch time, eat and then hike out some extra food for dinner that night. If we stayed at Trimpi Shelter we would have close to 11 miles to hike to Partnership the next day, which would be a late lunch. After a little debate we decided to walk another 3.8 miles to get us closer to Partnership making this our biggest mile day yet! We ended up near a farmhouse and slept to sounds of Old McDonald's Farm as vision's of pizza danced in my head.

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