Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Day 3

Sunny, no rain.

Today's Hike:
Cooper Gap to Big Cedar Mountain - 9.8 miles.

Today was a fairly good day. I slept last night, and I didn't completely freeze my ass off. Notice I said completely.

The hike was much easier today then yesterday and we made much better timing. I also hiked without trekking poles which was much easier on my shoulder which has been in pain for the past two days.

Eating is hard out here which seems kind of ironic. I would have thought that all the increased physical activity would make me ravishing all the time, but instead I seem to have no appetite at all. I didn't eat enough the first day and felt sick and had to force myself to eat a big lunch yesterday. I took a few hours but I felt better.

Looking forward to reaching Neels Gap tomorrow and taking my first hot shower in five days!

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