Thursday, March 19, 2009

Day 18

Sunny and cool throughout the day.
Evening rain shower and frost.

Today's Hike:
NOC to Cheoah Bald - 8.1 miles

Today's hike was a straight up climb from NOC (1723 ft) to Cheoah Bald (5062 ft). I did well. I can tell that I'm starting to build my "trail legs." Maybe by the end of this whole thing I'll be a lean-mean-badass-hiking-machine!

We made a pit-stop at the Shelter before the summit (Brown Shelter?). I decided to opted to use the woods after discovering the privy was overflowing.


Right now I'm sitting on top of Cheoah Bald with Cindi, the Tag Team, Auggie Doggie and the Smith Machine, and the only word that comes to mind is "wow". The view is 275 degrees of amazing vistas. I can't wait for the sun to set. It should be beautiful.

View from Cheoah Bald

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